Kabiraj chemicals

Kabiraj Chemicals

KABIRAJ CHEMICALS has exceptional diagnostic skills in solving complex technical problems along with water chemistry, combustion chemistry and production enhancing chemicals. We are deeply focused at sourcing all types of chemicals  by way of leveraging the capabilities of our hardworking, knowledgeable and well informed team of technologists and market analysts, who seamlessly integrate with our management and enable us to source the desired quality of chemicals for our esteemed clients at the right time and at a very competitive price. Our team is also tasked with solving intricate technological issues and providing specialized solutions using cutting-edge technologies, goods & services in certain specialized areas. Since quality and environmental concerns are very close to our heart, we actively support the industry-wide initiatives who share our concerns in these areas and our dedicated quality controls team is trained to take care of the same. Considering our strengths and capabilities of our various dedicated teams. We continuously strive to endeavor and help achieve and enhance their manufacturing targets by being there preferred one-point sourcing partners for all of their chemical needs.

Our Motive is sustainable development for all.

Our company’s values are based on three pillars


  • Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
  • Health and Safety
  • Fair-remuneration
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  • Mindful use of resources
  • Following the principles of product stewardship
  • Improving products and production process


  • Free and fair competition
  • Compliance with all the rules, regulations and laws
  • Transparent Accounting

Industries and applications

Benefiting the industry and society at large through constant innovation.

Food and Pharma

For a healthier world  





Life for your livestock




Cosmetic & Perfumery

Making this world a beautiful place



Speciality chemicals

Helping Clients Fulfill their energy and Environmental Obligations. 


Why us?

We are backed by a team of highly proficient individuals from various verticals, who are  spirited and competent enough to enable us deliver for all our clients with the desired quality of chemicals as a preferred, single point sourcing partner for all of their chemical needs, We are confident that with our team, its capabilities and with our market investments, we would be able to make a positive change in the industry and make life simpler for all our clients ensuring them the required peace of mind and assuring them with our in-house and proven chemical sourcing process, so that they can fully concentrate on their manufacturing process and enhance their production without worrying about the current market dynamics of chemicals and its analysis. 

We at KABIRAJ CHEMICALS – “believe in care”. We care about people and Environment. For us business is not only about making money but the happiness of people when they are satisfied with product services and quality. We are in this industry since 2011 and our honesty, loyalty, openness and fairness in business deals established us as a trustworthy long-term business associates for many of our clients whom we firmly like to treat as our partners. 
kabiraj chemicals