Kabiraj chemicals

Our ESG Commitment

Eco Friendly Chemicals

Kabiraj Chemicals  is committed to utilizing  its Control technologies  for optimize the reliability and performance of energy assets to eco friendly chemicals that’s why we make eco friendly chemicals, reducing the carbon emissions of our customers and supply chain, and supporting sustainable energy generation. We aim to be a net zero emiss0ions company by 2050, or sooner.

We care about our people, their development and how we conduct ourselves as a business. We support equal opportunities for all, a diverse workplace, and an environment where colleagues are encouraged to thrive and fulfil their potential and promotes eco friendly chemicals. Doing things the right way is wired into our Kabiraj Chemical Values and we adhere to high standards of governance, integrity and regulatory compliance.80

Eco Friendly Chemicals


Our Vision


Kabiraj Chemiclas will help to protect the planet’s future by ensuring we remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than we emit.

Our Mission


To be a carbon net zero company by 2050 or sooner.

How do we get to net zero?

REDUCE emissions through increased efficiencies
BALANCE the remainder through carbon offsetting programmes
SUPPORT our supply chain to show evidence of the same

In all three emission scopes, Our strategy is to reduce, balance, and support.
SCOPE 1: We are in control of all direct emissions resulting from our operations.
SCOPE 2: Indirect emissions from energy sources that we  purchased and used.
SCOPE 3: All additional indirect emissions resulting from Proserv operations coming from sources that we do not
Travel Scope - 1&2

Over 4 million air miles were recorded in 2019 for global operations and contributed 1,870 tonnes of CO2.


REDUCE – We reduce the amount of travel necessary by maximising the use of video conferencing where possible
BALANCE – Emissions from any travel which cannot be negated will be balanced with carbon offsetting
SUPPORT – We seek to build upon virtual factory acceptance tests to encourage our supply chain and customers to travel less


  • Minimize travel to business critical
  • Remote meetings and virtual tests
  • Electric vehicles for intercompany transport
  • Direct flights

Power Consumption - Scope 1&2

Our journey to becoming a renewables powered company.


REDUCE – We reduce the power used through local energy management programmes and sharing best practice
BALANCE – We ensure our energy only comes from renewable sources
SUPPORT – We introduce power emission ratings on our suppliers and partners


  • Phase 1: Switch to a renewable energy provider and introduce domestic reductions
  • Phase 2: Energy storage can be implemented as part of the renewable energy production using batteries or hydrogen
  • Phase 3: Assess feasibility of renewable energy investment to match power needs

Technology 3

  • We SUPPORT our clients on promoting best practice –  We actively and openly work with our partners around quality assurance and standards
  • We comply with fluid regulations – All fluids used in our designs meet industry standards and limit environmental impact
  • We REDUCE equipment removal – Our solutions reduce the need to replace or move kit, lessening the risk of hydrocarbon emissions and shrinking our customers’ carbon footprints
  • Our technologies REDUCE travel – By using digital technology and real-time monitoring, we can remotely support our clients


People Policies – Proserv will ensure that its personnel are able to work in a professional, safe and discrimination free environment eco friendly chemicals.
Learning & Development –Supported by our leading partners  our mission is to allow our people to continually develop, thrive and reach their full potential.
Employee Engagement – We are committed to giving our employees a voice through employee representative forums, employee engagement surveys and regular town hall meetings.
We ensure that the Group remains a healthy, happy and environmentally conscious place to work.
Pay and Conditions – We provide a fair and cost-effective pay and reward structure that motivates and retains our employees.


Our Commitment

Corporate structure and governance – As an organization, we ensure our corporate structure and governance are fit for purpose for delivering our goals.
Business and personal integrity – Kabiraj chemicals personnel are expected to perform and work with honesty and integrity and comply with all applicable laws.
Protecting Kabiraj employees – We are committed to ensuring our workplace is a safe and ethical place to work for all employees, contractors and stakeholders.
Protecting Kabiraj assets – We are committed to ensuring that our assets are not at risk from fraudulent activity, or exposure from data and confidentiality breaches.